Rob Peck

Motivational humorist, professional juggler and author, It’s A Juggle Out There: A Guide to a Better Balanced and More Fulfilling Life






Rob Peck is a speaker, author, humorist and recovering perfectionist! True to the title of his new book, It’s A Juggle Out There: A Guide to a Better Balanced and More Fulfilling Life, Rob’s moving speeches and uplifting seminars focuses on three things simultaneously: Stress management, Streamlining, & Simplifying. Rob’s fun, fast paced programs combine comedy and content with eye-catching juggling and balancing visuals. With humor and heart, he offers fresh insights and ‘outside the briefcase’ ideas to decrease stress, increase focus, and go to work feeling less overloaded & underslept.

Rob is the recipient of the International Jugglers Associations’ “Excellence in Education” award, and three time winner of Toastmaster International’s humorous speech contest. After graduating the U. of Pa. (Phi Beta Kappa) and clown college (“Magna Cum Looney”!) Rob’s work has been featured on cable and network television programs such as CNBC, Evening Magazine, and Amazing America. He regularly conducts in-house creativity seminars, designs stress management training programs, facilitates retreats, and has served as a workplace consultant for numerous companies who want to retain, rather than constantly retrain, key personnel. Rob’s unique keynotes and complementary teambuilding trainings have helped thousands of multi-tasking professionals reduce burnout, regain a better life balance, and combine a sense of purpose… with a spirit of fun. From Harvard to Hewlett Packard, ZESTWORKS customized programs have sparked the fresh thinking and fertile collaborations that help leaders and teams stay focused, stay flexible, and stay together in a high trust winning organization.

Keynote Presentations

Keeping All the Balls in The Air! How To Get a Grip on Overload & Overwhelm

Using juggling as a metaphor for having to balance multiple responsibilities, Rob reveals 3 steps people can take to recharge and revitalize their powers of concentration….while he actually juggles in front of you. Throughout special attention is played on the role of humor to defuse stress, and spark more flexible thinking and innovative problem solving. The pace of change keeps accelerating. To truly excel, leaders and teams have to juggle more multiple responsibilities than ever. Good jugglers know how to catch a lot of balls simultaneously. Great jugglers know how to let go of everything non-essential. Rob’s presentation humorously reveals how to keep the right balls in the air, and have less distress and more success. Throughout special attention is played on the role of humor to defuse stress, and spark more flexible thinking and innovative problem solving. With an engaging blend of verbal and visual delivery, Rob takes traditional opposites like concentration and relaxation and integrates them through the concept of Flow. He wryly points out that there’s a thin line between racing and chasing. While the race may go to the swift, the chase can quickly shift from skillful acceleration to a sad illustration that “haste makes waste.” With humor and heart Rob shares true stories of how to shift from “Oh hell” to “Oh well”; and illustrates how to use a practice of ‘kindfulness’ to refresh, recharge, and revitalize our powers of concentration.

From IQ to We-Q: Maximize Teamwork by Pooling Resources & Playing to People’s Strength
Individual brilliance is over-rated and often self inflated. Good leaders and great teams have two things in common: Principle centered priorities, and a shared commitment to pooling resources and playing to people’s strengths. Through fun juggling visuals, frequent audience participation, and topical references, Rob provides a humorous overview of the different learning styles associated with Left Brainers, Right Brainers… and NO BRAINERS!. In this fast-paced, upbeat presentation, diverse communication styles are noted, honored, and coupled with motivational stories of how paying close attention is experienced as paying the ultimate compliment. Blending academic studies and anecdotal evidence, Rob highlights the link between humor and creativity; and shows why emotional intelligence is the key to “people smart” communication. He also integrates customized comedy with real life stories to convincingly illustrate why misunderstanding is the mother of all frustrations, (and self-absorption is the father!)
Never Mind My To-Do List - You Should See My Didn’t-Do List!
Humor helps people hang tough in hard times. Laughter is like leavening… it helps heavy spirits rise! When people are coping with constant change, nurturing a good sense of humor is a vital stress management skill. (A ready laugh gives the brain the equivalent of a built in shock absorber!) Managers who know how to handle adversity with a sense of humor model a resiliency that rubs off. By stepping back and seeing the big picture, they’re able to respond to volatility by viewing problems through a wide-angle lens in a way that decreases burnout, and fosters a culture of excellence. With a light touch and a lot of topical humor, Rob’s uplifting message helps people feel less burdened by long To-do lists. His carefully crafted blend of visual humor and customized comedy engage and enliven audience’s hearts and minds. Fun audience participation positively reinforces how choosing to look at problems through the lens of laughter sparks more flexible thinking and innovative problem solving. Between documented medical studies and funny true life stories, Rob makes a persuasive case that laughter really is the best medicine (plus, no copays!)

Rock Peck Testimonials

“In my 32 years of management, Rob Peck’s remarkable presentation has not been matched for its accuracy, pure enjoyment, and positive impact on my staff. (We’re still doing “fist five’s/thumbs up” a week later!) Rob delivered an amazing, funny, and above all highly motivating session, transferable to any conference or association…”

Dr. Mindy Kornhaber, Past Director of Human Resources, Harvard University

“You gave an inspired presentation at our annual Kick-off meeting. … You took the time to speak with us about our business goals, and what messages we wanted to get across. You customized your presentation to our needs, and personalized it wonderfully… learning the names of key players and weaving them into your act seemlessly… Thank you again for the time and effort you put in up front, and the way in which you educated and energized our company.”
Jeanne Moore, Executive Director, National Trust Real Estate Association, Inc.

“The beauty of Rob’s work is that it combines high entertainment value and high level content – tickling fancy and intellect simultaneously. At our division retreat he effectively tripled the energy in the room! Using his skillful juggling as a metaphor for keeping life in balance, he captured our imaginations and sent many of us scrambling for scraps of paper to jot down his original, thought-provoking aphorisms and inspirational quotations. If you’re searching for a speaker to enliven your audience and spur them to think creatively, book Rob Peck, and get ready for a fun event that will leave a lasting impression!”
Richard Knoll, President and CEO, TEAM Inc.

“Today was a real home run! All the feedback was extremely positive… All of us were touched by your stories, and awe- struck by the way the juggling moves and the monologue and the “moral” were so skillfully and inseparably interwoven… It was a pleasure (and fun) working with you. As a meeting planner you made my job easier, and I honestly felt like you were a member of our team…”
Bob DiGregorio, Director, Americas Software Manufacturing, Hewlett-Packard

“Seeing is believing! “KEEPING ALL THE BALLS IN THE AIR” was a refreshing way to lighten up our conference while at the same time delivering profound messages. Attendees gave you rave reviews… You have a wonderful way of entertaining, motivating and inspiring your audience… On a personal note, it was also a pleasure and fun to work with you in the planning process.”
John G. O’Brien, Past President and CEO, UMass Memorial Health Care

“Your uplifting presentation of “KEEPING ALL THE BALLS IN THE AIR” was definitely a fresh approach to stress management that helped us understand and utilize strategies to cope with change… Your thought provoking mix of comedy and content helped participants de-stress and walk away with relevant business insights… From the first phone call to the standing ovation, your professionalism, wisdom and sense of humor made for an enjoyable business rapport.”
Anne Nickerson, Special Events, CIGNA

“Rob Peck paints phenomenal word pictures, combining fluid juggling with a startling facility for language. I found myself taking notes throughout to remember the many helpful acronyms and thought provoking quotes… His outstanding humor, humanity and warmth helped us expand our ideas about how people learn. Our employees left united in knowing the importance of laughter in our lives and how much it really does keep us resilient and able to take on new challenges.”
Dan Silver, President, Panasonic Home & Health Company

“Rob Peck’s message is not only on target – it’s a bulls-eye! Formal feedback from the audience had him scoring a 4.5 out of a possible 5.0. I hired Rob to do a very important “intervention” and he delivered big time… with a great blend of serious message and entertaining style that fit perfectly with company values and goals… I found Rob to be a very insightful individual who is quick to recognize the subtleties and nuances associated with his customer’s business. In my many years of experience, his ability to really get his audience thinking puts Rob Peck in a class of his own.”
Amy Swisher, Director of Community & Public Relations, Bay State Health

“I am impressed by how much time, research and effort you made to customize your presentation at our annual Employee Recognition Dinner… Every comment made a connection as you understood the challenges we are facing and were able to make us laugh despite the stress that many of us experience on a daily basis…The messages of hope, intertwined with the creativity of your juggling, will stay in our memories for a long time to come.”
Valerie Conti, Assistant State Director, MASS SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER