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Robert Tucker is a renowned global futurist and innovation keynote speaker with a client list that includes over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies. Founder and president of Innovation Resource Consulting Group, Tucker is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of strategic foresight and innovation.

During the course of his 28-year career, Robert has worked with groups ranging from the economic development ministries of Singapore, Dubai, and Morocco, to multinational companies like IBM, American Express, and Nestle, as well as numerous trade and technology groups in a wide variety of industries.

A former adjunct professor at UCLA and widely acknowledged as one of the most influential innovation thought leaders and trend forecasters, Robert’s latest book, Innovation Is Everybody’s Business: Making Yourself Indispensable in Today’s Hypercompetitive World, reveals the Seven Innovation Skills that are rapidly becoming essential to navigating one’s career and business in today’s hypercompetitive world. His customized, high energy presentations provide leaders with cutting edge insights, practical advice, and reveal the “innovation mindset, toolset, and skillset” necessary to seize opportunities and profit from today’s rapid changes. His international bestseller, Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change, has been translated into over 17 languages.

Considered one of the founding thought leaders in the growing Innovation Movement, Tucker is the publisher of Innovation Trends, and is a frequent contributor to such publications as Forbes, Strategy & Leadership, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Innovation Excellence and other publications. He has appeared on CBS News, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg, Network 18 India, the PBS series Taking the Lead, and was a featured guest on the CNBC series The Business of Innovation.

A multi-year winner of the Top Five Speaker hall of fame, Tucker is a recipient of the prestigious Brand Personality Award by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation for outstanding contributions to the field of innovation.

Keynote Presentations

Driving Growth Through Innovation: How Leading Firms Are Transforming Their Futures

This dynamic, example-filled keynote or featured presentation, will give you an overview of the important findings reported in Tucker’s bestseller, Driving Growth Through Innovation. Tucker will take you and your colleagues on a guided tour inside 23 Innovation Vanguard companies. You’ll discover cutting edge methods for building innovation into a powerful source of growth, profits, and competitive advantage. You’ll learn unconventional approaches for turning innovation into a systematic, imbedded process, and be motivated to take action in your firm. By attending this session, you will know how to capitalize on innovation to rev up growth; know how to map out and implement a superior approach to inventing the future – one that will enable you and your firm to exploit new markets, win new customers, and grow revenue from new sources; be energized and inspired by real world examples of companies that revved up growth in moribund markets; know how to motivate your people with proven, powerful methods that spark “out of the box” thinking; be able to create a company-wide system to ensure that good ideas don’t get lost – or show up in the hands of competitors!

Innovation is Everybody’s Business

Organizations the world over are ever increasingly in need of high potential managers and individual contributors with the abilities and skills to get new projects done. While professionals with functional skills are in abundant supply, those with Innovation Skills are emerging as the most valuable talent of all in today’s hypercompetitive age. In this practical, highly interactive personal development session, global innovation guru and bestselling author Robert B. Tucker reveals the powerful tools and strategies to help you and your employees hone their ability to spot emerging opportunities, seize the initiative, add value, and create unconventional solutions. Based on interviews with 43 innovation-adept managers and contributors, Innovation is Everybody’s Business guides you and your team in mastering the 7 essential I-Skills needed to become indispensable; unleashing the “mindset, skill-set, and toolset of the innovator” that enable you to anticipate and rise to the challenges your organization faces in a hyper- competitive era; building tools for work-life balance and creating your own job satisfaction.

Managing the Future: Capitalizing on the Driving Forces of Change

In today’s world, we’re either managing for the future… or the future is managing us! In this session, global trends futurist Robert Tucker provides a powerful framework for thriving and prospering amidst the uncertainty of the 2020s — a world of constant change. This fast-paced, future-focused keynote provides a practical framework for leaders in all industries who want to stay ahead of the curve and avoid being blindsided by today’s rapid technological, social, and disruptive changes. Powerful strategies revealed here will show you how to anticipate emerging trends and use them as building-blocks to greater growth. Prepare for a session that will leave you inspired, optimistic, and ready to take action to seize opportunities in this exciting time.

The Intelligent Talk Show

Have you ever wished there was a way to spice up those important – but often boring –panel discussions at your association or company meeting? Now there is: Recently some of your fellow meeting professionals have retired that drab, draped table with the squeaky microphones and the hunched over panelists. Instead, they have introduced an exciting new format, produced and hosted by Robert B. Tucker, which we refer to as “The Intelligent Talk Show.” Result: Good-by snoresville. Hello packed house. With the talk show format: Panelists become “guests” on a “live” show and are more animated, lively and better prepared to get their message across. Guests are more willing to tackle the tough issues that create industry buzz, and keep attendees coming back next year. The “talk show” often shows up in meeting evaluations as the highlight of the entire convention.

Robert Tucker Testimonials

“Excellent presentation at the recent 3M Marketing Communications Conference… numerous helpful insights for all of us to take back to our workaday worlds.”

Judy Borowski, Ex-Officio Chair, 3M Marketing Communications Conference

“Many speakers claim to custom tailor their presentations to the organization or industry for whom they are speaking. It has been my experience that few actually do. You are certainly an exception. Your use of specific examples gleaned from your conversations with our members, as well as the custom slides, really made an impact on our attendees.”
Steven T. King, CAE, Pet Industry Distributors Association

“Thank you for all your hard work on the preparation – several delegates mentioned that it was really evident how well prepared you were for the session – your keynote was exactly the right call to action and all delegates needed to hear it.”

Ms. Betty Heywood, Director of International Affairs, NAMM, the International Music Products Association

“You lit up the crowd! Our people are energized with enthusiasm to work together and drive a stronger innovation culture and deliver new business value.”

David Anderson, Manager, Chevron IT

“The feedback from employees has been very positive. Thought you would like to know that several employees felt immediately compelled to return to their desks and forward emails to the CEO Mailbox, and they keep on coming.”

Susan Wallace, Ocean Spray