Dennis L. Rosen, PH.D.

Specialist in Face-To-Face Customer Service and Sales Improvement, creator of Upside-Down Customer Service™ and Mental-Rental Sales Techniques™, author of Create Devoted Customers






Tired of hearing that you need to provide “above average service” or “wow your customers” with no explanation of how to do it? Concerned that providing customer service improvement that makes a difference and improves sales will be expensive or difficult for your team? Need a way to differentiate from competition including online retailers that cut into sales? Let Dennis provide you the answers.

Dennis specializes in service and sales techniques for face-to-face customer interactions. If you’re a retailer, service provider or professional, Dennis’s Upside-Down Customer Service™ presentations will totally change your approach to service. He will show you an easy way to find the low- or no-cost, small changes you can make to greatly improve perception of service and improve sales. Dennis can show you a step-by-step process for improving service AND motivating your team to perform in a way that can differentiate from competition.

And, Dennis’s Mental-Rental Sales Techniques™ will show you simple ways to overcome objections, build rapport and improve sales by clarifying what goes on inside the customer’s mind.

With a Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology, and as an award-winning former marketing professor at two major universities, Dennis has devoted his life to understanding customer attitude, motivation and perception. He has used this information to create WinFluence® (win-through- influence) business applications with practical value specifically designed for face-to-face retail and sales interactions. Dennis will bring these applications and insights (minus the academic gobbledygook) to your organization to improve your service and sales.

You’ll get no boring presentations from Dennis. His keynotes, breakouts and training sessions are high-energy and involving. And he tailors all presentations to your needs.

Keynote Presentations

Using Upside Down-Customer Service™ To Create Devoted Customers

Why settle for satisfied customers who just consider you an option when you can have devoted customers who consider you the only option. All you have to do is turn your view of customer service… upside down. Dennis will show you how turning your view of service on its head can change your customers from “willing to come back” to “will come back” while telling others how great you are and differentiating you from competition including online competitors.

Through this presentation filled with stories and examples, participants will:

  • Understand why the Upside-Down Customer Service™ philosophy is the proper approach for producing results.
  • Understand the importance of creating an emotional tie and devoted customers.
  • See new opportunities for customer service excellence and sales improvement.
  • Understand how to differentiate from competition including online sellers.
  • Become motivated to improve customer service and customer relations.
  • Walk away entertained and energized with information they can immediately apply.
Upside-Down Customer Service™ for the Front Line

A presentation to transform team thinking and actions to create customer service excellence that can differentiate from competition.

Too often, the frontline team is simply told to, “Provide great service” or “Go the extra mile.” While these are good goals, they do not provide direction on how to proceed or communicate why specific actions are important.

Therefore, through this presentation, participants will:

  • Acquire four specific steps essential for frontline customer-service excellence.
  • Understand how to avoid major customer service mistakes.
  • Understand how to relate customer service to customer needs.
  • Receive Upside-Down service tips to create excellence in customer service.
  • Walk away entertained and energized with information they can immediately apply.
The DID System™ for Service Excellence

Dennis provides a step-by- step process for uncovering low-cost actions to improve customer service using his system of Define-Improve- Discover.

Through this Keynote, participants will:

  • Be shown the importance of needs to the perception of customer service excellence.
  • Go through the process of developing actions to create customer service excellence.
  • Uncover low-cost actions to improve customer service that can be applied immediately.
  • Find out how to move customers from just being satisfied to being devoted to the business, thus improving sales potential.
Mental-Rental™ Sales Techniques

Go inside the customer’s mind to find out what’s really taking place as you make your sales presentation. Dennis explains how to build trust and place information into the customer’s mind to change attitude and improve sales.

Participants will:

  • Understand the four kinds of MindSpeak customers develop and how to use them to improve sales success.
  • Discover the three critical variables for building trust quickly.
  • Be shown probing techniques to get to true needs/issues.
  • Walk away motivated with new tools to improve sales.
  • Keynote overview and detailed training available.
WinFluence® Secrets to Get Others to Do What You Want

Friends, colleagues, significant other — would you like them to be more cooperative? In this keynote, designed to be fun and involving, Dennis explains how to motive others and get them to cooperate. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking about new possibilities.

Dennis presents ideas on:

  • Relabeling
  • Challenging
  • Breaking habits
  • Overcoming fear of change…to sell others on what you want them to do and even to motivate yourself.

Dennis L. Rosen Testimonials

“Dr. Dennis Rosen is the consummate professional and will ‘out-perform’ even the highest expectations as a speaker for your meeting, conference or event… We booked Dr. Rosen as the opening speaker on the final day of (our) event, and we could not have been happier with the results. Dr. Rosen exceeded our expectations in every way. He tied his presentation into all the others at the event and provided excellent value… I would highly recommend using Dr. Rosen for your next conference, meeting -or training session.”

Robert York, Director, Southern Calif. Credit Union Alliance

“It’s great to find a speaker who can provide applicable information for our participants while keeping them so involved… Your presentation style was engaging, entertaining and involving. It also provided new and valuable insights that complemented our conference perfectly. Thanks again for sharing your incredible talents & WOW-ing us!”
Michael R. Amos, Past President, Council of Hotel & Restaurant Trainers, National Conference

“The overall rating for your presentation was “outstanding.” I would highly recommend your presentations to others in our industry or anyone who wants to develop new insights into how consumers think. Thanks for a great job!”
Thomas W. Holden, Executive Director, Hotel & Lodging Association, Midwest Conference

“Dennis is an engaging and talented motivational speaker (who) draws in his audience to keep them interested -a fun, energetic & inspiring presenter.”
Nona Golledge, Director, University of Kansas Dining Services; Past President, National Association of College & University Food Services

“He successfully touched on issues and solutions that benefitted our entire group. Additionally, he was able to actively engage the audience by using hilarious stories, interactive examples, and thought-provoking examples… We strongly endorse Dr. Rosen for any group in need of a dynamic, engaging speaker who brings both the substance and the flash.”
Dan Shaul, State Director, Missouri Grocers Association

“Dr. Rosen is one of the top three presenters I have ever heard… If you are looking for presentations in the area of service excellence and customer relationship building, I strongly recommend Dr. Dennis Rosen.”
O. John Ma, MD, Professor and Chair Department of Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

“(Dennis’) presentation was one of the most highly-rated presentations we’ve ever had… I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn how to better satisfy their customers and make lasting connections with them to contact Dennis Rosen — you will learn so much and be entertained while you’re at it!”
Jolene Phillips, Past President, Conference Chair, KACE