Billy The Coach

Executive health strategist and performance coach, helping time-challenged professionals balance healthy lifestyles with successful careers; improve wellbeing, lower stress, and increase productivity





Billy “The Coach” Sheehan is an Executive Health and Performance Coach with over 25 years of experience helping time-challenged professionals balance healthy lifestyles with successful careers. Through Executive Coaching, Speaking and Workshops, he shares proven strategies that improve wellbeing, lower stress, facilitate change and increase productivity for executives and their employees.

Better physical health dramatically improves professional performance. A recent study by Northwestern University found a dramatic increase in “functional capacity” among those choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Billy Sheehan knows that for many executives, there’s a gap between how well they take care of their careers and how well they take care of their physical bodies. Closing this gap is what “Billy the Coach” does best.

High business intelligence is more likely to be evident in people who take better care of themselves. Healthy executives exhibit higher levels of creativity, confidence, stamina, level-headedness, collaboration and other key factors of leadership.

Billy’s core philosophy of energetic wellness is this: What will you choose next? To put in your mouth, to do with your body, to think about, to do with your company? Your success is built step by step, choice by choice, in every area of your life. As an executive health strategist, Billy helps leaders build the physical and mental muscles necessary for stellar performance.

A former executive himself and a lifelong athlete, Billy the Coach leverages more than 25 years of coaching experience to infuse this strategy of self-determination into his clients. He has helped transform individuals in technology, banking and finance, manufacturing, real estate, medical devices, transportation, healthcare and many more industries.

Executive Health and Performance Coach Billy Sheehan assists executives in acquiring the physical, mental and transformational skills they need to achieve success in a rapidly changing, global business environment. Seize his bold new approach to help you achieve higher levels of healthy living, mental performance, imagination and innovation.

Keynote Presentations

The Engines of Excellence: The Exciting Combination of Personal Health and Professional Success
Many executives find themselves caught in the middle of a seemingly impossible battle between their personal health and their professional life. The Engines of Excellence reveals how we can transform this conflict into a powerful vehicle for success. Stop limiting your life, your career and your future! Start living the life you deserve—today!

By letting the Engines of Excellence drive your life and career, you will learn how to combine these five critical forces to ensure the smoothest and quickest road to success:

  • Exercise Regularly—Overcome once and for all the obstacles that are keeping you from an active lifestyle.
  • Eat Responsibly—It is easier than you think; all you need is a solid action plan.
  • Rest Sufficiently—Don’t let stress rob you of sleep and relaxation any longer.
  • Learn Constantly—Stay on your toes as you navigate a rapidly changing world.
  • Think Presently—Learn the best technique for thinking with clarity, confidence and purpose.
Embrace the Madness... Lose the Stress

In today’s pressure-packed world of change and transition, stress levels are at an all-time high.

Why do some people handle stress better than others?

What is the difference between stress management and stressed out?

Is there a way to use stress to our advantage?

There is one powerful strategy anyone can start today that will energize you and strengthen your stress management skills. Billy the Coach shares this proven technique for insulating ourselves from the majority of the stress we experience.

Embrace the Madness… Lose the Stress explains in 3 steps how we can take charge of the experiences, people and situations that currently cause us stress.

In this dynamic program, attendees discover:

  • Techniques for accepting stress (because it is unavoidable)
  • Differentiating between stress caused by change or uncertainty and stress caused by lack of change and boredom—and what to do about it
  • Three proven tactics for responding to stress rather than reacting
  • Every human’s natural defenses against stress
  • How to create and cultivate a stress-less mindset
Simply Fit...The Basics of Exercise and Nutrition

Separating fact from fiction is one of the greatest challenges in the quest for healthier living. Simply Fit cuts through the noise of misleading ads and marketing gimmicks to reveal how people of any age or fitness level can create a sensible exercise and nutrition plan that is simple, safe, effective and affordable

Surviving Technology

The good news is that scientific breakthroughs, new technologies and modern conveniences are improving the lives of millions of people. The bad news is that these very same mechanisms are producing a dangerously overweight and inactive population. Find out what is at the heart of today’s poor health epidemic and what you can do to prevent your health from becoming a casualty of modern science.

Finding Freedom From "Too Busy"
How to get all the time you need… any time you want it.

“I’m too busy” and “I don’t have enough time” are the most common reasons people give for feeling frustrated, overworked and overwhelmed. They truly believe that if they just had more time they would be more satisfied with their work, their health and their relationships. Finding Freedom from “Too Busy” exposes the fatal flaw behind this belief and gives audiences the three steps anyone can take to escape the illusion of “not enough time.”

Finding Freedom from “Too Busy” reveals:

  • The science of time… what it is and what it means to us
  • Hidden properties of the past, present and future
  • The amazing relationship between choice and time
  • Remember free time? Where it went and where to find it
  • The illusion of time…you can’t run out and you can’t get more
  • Three proven steps to become the master of your time:
    • Focus on what you can control
    • Accept the behavior, accept the consequences
    • Think, live and succeed in the moment

It may seem too good to be true, but the fact is we have all the time we need to accomplish our goals, and we can find it anytime we need it. The secret? Understanding the critical difference between time and priority, and how it unlocks the treasure chest of all the time we need! You will never think of time in the same way again! Finding Freedom from “Too Busy” smashes our traditional understandings of time, and liberates our capacity for productivity and happiness in a way that is truly… timeless.

Let Billy the Coach’s expertise guide you as you strive toward reduced stress, improved health, financial success and a higher quality of life. The life you deserve is right around the corner—what are you waiting for?

Billy The Coach Testimonials

“Billy the Coach was the presenter at a quarterly membership meeting of our trade association. He successfully left the key points of his message indelibly branded on the minds of the attendees. Shortly after having Billy at our event, I had the pleasure of being in the audience for his presentation at a much larger event, in Atlantic City, NJ. His presentation was met with a standing ovation. I heartily recommend securing Billy the Coach for your upcoming event.”
Rick Szilagyi, CEO, New England Livery Association

“Billy the Coach’s address was captivating and enlightening, a truly motivational event. Billy brings a unique perspective that will help you generate new ideas.”
Sarah Gazi, CAE Executive Director, National Limousine Association

“As a former Professional Athlete and now President of Boston Coach Corporation, I’ve known Billy for many years. He has helped change the lives of many people I’ve worked with in my past through his intense focus on doing it right, each and every time!”
Russ Cooke, President, Boston Coach Corporation

“Billy definitely knows how to energize and engage with a crowd. He uses great personal stories and self-reflection to motivate an audience. Extremely thought-provoking and helpful. Thanks for coming to HubSpot Billy!”
Bennett Boucher, Senior Account Executive, HubSpot

“Billy The Coach came into the Cape Ann YMCA and gave a presentation that hit home with a lot of people. He engaged with the audience from the second they walked in the door. It was an extremely intimate experience which everyone in that room was lucky to have. If anyone has a chance to hear Billy speak, they will have a chance to better their lives.”
Alex Minter, Health and Wellness Experience Specialist, Cape Ann YMCA

“Your work with my team was an inspiration. In an industry that has been full of challenges from regulations, sales volume and evolving technology, your humor and professionalism is just what my team needed. Thank you for being a valued mentor and teacher.”
Robert Devasto, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage