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Bill Jensen is an internationally-acclaimed thought leader who is known for extremely useful content, with a passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder. Bill makes it easier to do great work. He helps companies and teams double their productivity and pursue their passions. He has spent the past 25 years studying how work gets done. (Much of what he’s found horrifies him.)

Bill is an IBM Futurist, and has conducted high-impact future of work research for such firms as SAP. Bill has written eight best-selling business books, all focused on helping you do and be your best. His first book, Simplicity, was the Number 5 Leadership/ Management book on Amazon in 2000. His latest book, Future Strong, maps the tough choices each of us make to create our best futures.

Bill is CEO of The Jensen Group. Among his clients are Bank of America, Merck, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, Genentech, NASA, The World Bank, BBC, Philips Lighting, the US Navy SEALS, the government of Ontario, Singapore Institute of Management, Guangzhou China Development District, and the Swedish Post Office.

Bill’s personal life fantasy is to bicycle around the globe via breweries.

Keynote Presentations

Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Get It All Done, AND Remain Sane!
EVERYBODY is overloaded. And that’s not going to go away. Actually, it’s going to get worse. We need to learn how to quickly de-clutter any information and get better at staying focused, getting more done in less time — all while engaging the hearts, minds, and actions of others. Bill Jensen will cover all that, and more, in this session. He will apply what he’s learned after studying how to work smarter for the past three decades. You will leave this session being able to cut one hour of work down to just five minutes!
The Future of Work Begins With Us: Our Role in Transformation, Disruption, and Being Epic
The future of work is already here — and it benefits those who are elite knowledge workers, and hurts many who are struggling with 21st century norms. The problem is: We need everyone, not just some. We need to do more to bring everyone into the future of work. We need disruptive heroes, now! Leaders in HR, tech, and senior management, who will be stronger workforce advocates. This talk will show you why, and how.
Cultural Transformation in the Digital Age: Putting People First at the Speed of Disruption
The future of work is already here. Digital transformation is underway. Yet many companies are still struggling to transform their cultures at the disruptive rate of technological change. We need more than elite knowledge workers. Cognitive era norms need to be adopted in throughout your culture, by everyone. This talk will show you why, and how. Bill Jensen covers how to achieve the fastest and best quick wins, and how to build sustainable strategies for cultural transformations in the digital age.
Think Epic, Be Epic. Now! Go Bold and Go for Epic Work in These Crazy Times

What are the habits of today’s best disruptive heroes? And what can all of us learn from them? This session will answer those questions, and lots more. Bill Jensen has studied 100 of today’s top disruptors and change agents, and uncovered their secrets. Bill will detail the top five of 25 disruptive habits, and exactly how you can use those habits today. He’ll cover:

  • Seeing Disruption Differently
  • Guiding Principles
  • Epic Dos
  • Wasteful Don’ts
Unleashing the Courage Within Us: The Values and Habits That Drive the Courage to Act

Bill Jensen interviewed 100 Disruptive Heroes, asking each: What are the most crucial character traits necessary in an age of continuous personal disruption? In this session, Bill will deliver the secrets he uncovered. It’s time to unleash the courage within you. No matter how disruptive, chaotic and crazy things get: You have what it takes. You are enough. You do not need more than you already have. You just need to unleash all that is called for in these crazy times. Bill details the seven traits you must unleash, and how to do that.

Simplicity: The Most Disruptive Force of All

Simplicity really matters. And we need you to take a stand for it. “Simpler for whom?” is one of the most pressing questions that all workplaces will face in the coming decade. A disruptive revolution is now flooding over from the consumer world into the world of work. All that remains: Will HR, IT, and leadership finally join forces as workforce advocates in designing true simplicity for all who work? For three decades, Bill Jensen has studied how to create simplicity within teamwork and in organizations. He is the number one thought leader on this topic! In this session, Bill will share the secrets he’s uncovered to making work simpler for all.

Additional Presentations


Simplicity: The Most Disruptive Force of All


Smarter Speed: Simpler Ways to Peak Performance


It’s the People, Stupid!


Creating a Culture of Innovation


Vision into Practice: Managing the Change



A Bottom-Up View of Talent Management


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Simplicity: The Road to Agility


Servant Leadership 2.0

“Bill’s presentation was perfect! He tailored it to our audience’s needs, really having the Swedish Post in mind. Our seminar is one of the most prestigious held in Scandinavia. His stories and tools made it one of our most engaging presentations yet. It was also a joy to work with Bill behind the scenes, in preparation for the event.”

Charlotte Grimlund • Step2 Events and Meetings Stockholm, Sweden

“I’ve been through some great educational programs offered at my prior employer, General Electric, including sponsored courses at Harvard Business School, but this was by far the most intensive one day, high impact, thought-provoking session I’ve been engaged by in my career.”

Brian A. Lutes • SVP, Fifth Third Bank

“Wow. Thank you for your giving heart. You hit me where I live. You inspired me to be courageous again and embrace my failures in a new way.”

Human Capital Management Attendee

“My boss noticed that in using what you taught us, I’ve saved at least 10 hours just this week and have created more time for what really matters. My boss estimates your tools will save us over 10,000 hours!”

Sian Davies • Toyota UK

“Bill’s session was the BEST WE’VE EVER HAD! Simple, clear, actionable content. Fabulous! Smooth, knowledgeable, fun. Bill is a treasure!”

Patricia Lin • P&G

“Bill energized the 800 Oracle University attendees at our annual meeting. His “on the mark” comments reinforced our strategy of just-in- time education and its relevance to a simpler work environment. He was humorous, while instilling in the crowd a sense of urgency. People from that session are still quoting him!”

Dennis Bonilla • Director, Oracle University

“Bill Jensen skillfully explained how simplicity can help us achieve better results, and how it creates and transfers value throughout our organization. Now, we all realize that we have in our hands a new competitive advantage: Simplicity…The power to less of what doesn’t matter, and more of what does!”

Jamie Bustillo • CTO, Vodafone, Spain

“Bill drew a record crowd to our Forum in Melbourne, Australia. Within 90 minutes Bill got all attendees participating and engaged. His ability to make the issues relevant to each individual situation was brilliant. Great message, great presentation, great motivation…the best attendee feedback we’ve ever had!”

Geoff Poutney • CoreNet