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William P. Driscoll is a retired Commander in the United States Navy. A Naval Flight Officer (NFO), Driscoll and his aircrewmate, Naval Aviator Duke Cunningham, became flying aces during the Vietnam War, the only naval aircrew to do so, along with three United States Air Force pilots, and they remain the Navy’s most recently minted aces. Driscoll received the service’s second-highest decoration, the Navy Cross, for his role in a 1972 dogfight with North Vietnamese MiGs. Bill has flown in more than 5,200 jet dogfights over the past 43 years; he flew 170 combat missions, 500 aircraft carrier landings and 3,300 hours of jet fighter flight time. He is a member of the Navy’s first and only team of jet missile aces with the shoot-down of enemy jet fighters in air combat. Bill is one of the highest decorated living Naval Flight Officers. Bill’s other major awards include the Purple Heart, 2 Silver Stars, and nomination for the Medal-of- Honor. He was a TOPGUN Instructor for four years and has been assigned for the past 27 years as an air combat consultant at TOPGUN, where he has spoken to all 107 graduating TOPGUN classes.

Bill is a 5-time recipient of the Top Producer Award for Coldwell Banker Commercial’s San Diego North County office. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) Board-of- Directors, San Diego Chapter.

Peak Performance Foreword by Senator John McCain:

“All pilots know well the only rule in a dogfight: there are no rules. In Peak Business Performance Under Pressure Bill allows readers a look inside the cockpit during his combat dogfights and offers a revealing set of guidelines for professional and personal success from one of the country’s finest fighter aces”

-John McCain, US Senator

Keynote Presentations

Peak Performance Under Pressure: How to Achieve Extraordinary Results Under Difficult Circumstances
Bill’s keynote presentation will provide you with the secrets of how ace fighter pilots dealt with the relentless tension, anxiety and stress of daily air combat missions and the need to win, no matter what.

Navy Ace and former TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or- death aerial dogfights– and the preparation for them—can help guide high-risk corporate decisions. Interviews with over 350 senior executives and 26 Ace pilots, as well as strategies from Bill’s own highly successful second career in commercial real estate, reinforce the consistent patterns underlying exceptional performance under pressure.

Bill will show you in this thoroughly researched, interactive presentation, sprinkled with humor, how you can apply these easy-to- learn lessons to your life, when nothing short of peak performance under pressure will do. You’ll also learn the aces’ secrets of how to live a more balanced, productive, happy and stress-free life.

You’ll get easy-to- implement answers to the following:

  • Is the ever increasing tension, anxiety and stress of workplace requirements, commitments and deadlines beating you down?
  • Are your days filled with ever tougher demands with less time and resources for completion?
  • Are you wondering if you’ll ever regain some semblance of a normal life with time for family and for yourself?

Bill Driscoll Testimonials

“Cdr. Driscoll is an inspiration to all those who serve our Nation in the Armed Forces”.

George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States

“This was unquestionably one of the most powerful programs on team building and leadership we have ever experienced, which only someone with your unique life-experiences could present.”
Bob Willard, President & CEO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

“I am confident that the secrets of ace fighter pilots you so articulately and humorously described will have a dramatically positive impact on our ability to achieve our very ambitious goals. Thank you again for delivering your high powered message.”
President, Specialty Products, Nationwide

“Bill, my partners and I have the opportunity to see and hear many terrific, world class speakers. We commented after your presentation that we have never had anyone have such a dynamic and positive impact on our people as you did.”
Managing Director, Sares-Regis Group

“Your attention to detail and customization of your message made your talk especially impactful.”
Susan Cruz, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

“Your humorous yet gripping lessons of ace fighter pilots left us all really pumped-up. As a result, we expect our people to approach their many diverse challenges with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm. This is the fourth time I’ve heard you speak. It gets better each time.”
Fred Jurosky, VP of Sales, US Foodservice, Los Angeles

“Thanks to your Peak Pressure Performance talk, our people left with a renewed commitment to excellence and a tremendous enthusiasm for our goals. You left a vivid impression on all of us”.
Vice President, Sales Center, Nationwide Insurance

“Your Presentation exceeded our expectations. Comments to me from our senior management were, ‘Right on the money’ and ‘Bill hit the key points and kept everyone in the room, all 300 of them, interested and involved.”
Corporate Business Development Manager, UPS

“This was the fourth time I’ve heard you speak. Great job! You hit it out of the park for us.”
Kevin Danehy, Executive Chairman Brookfield Global Relocation Services

“I have attended many events of this type, and I’ve never seen our people so attentive and ‘pumped up’. Your message was just terrific.”
Richard Hartnack, Vice Chairman, Union Bank of California

“I noticed an immediate jump in enthusiasm for those cornerstone values of teamwork and leadership you so brilliantly described. I also expect your focus on performance and accountability to have an immediate positive impact on our people.”
Doug Horras, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sara Lee Foods