Speaking in front of prospective customers and clients is a powerful and proven marketing and business development tool. Getting attention in a highly competitive business environment is a huge challenge. A proven way to accomplish this goal is to speak at conferences and forums in front of prospective clients, customers, decision-makers, analysts, and partners, as well as the media, thus creating immense visibility and awareness for your organizationís products or services. Whether you need a full-fledged speaker program or an audit of your speaker program to make sure youíre on the right track, Markman Speaker Management can provide just the right help you need.

Why Choose MSM?

  • We get results ... Steve Markman has 20 years of experience heading up the conference divisions of COMDEX/Key3Media, Giga Information Group, and The Conference Board, providing him with first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the conference and meetings business. This experience creates an immense advantage in developing presentation abstracts and developing pro-active and successful speaker placement programs.
  • You get Steve Markmanís personal attention and thus the benefits of his experience each and every step of the way. He has the expertise to create high-profile speaker placements because he knows where the speaking opportunities are, what conference and event organizers are looking for, and how to create persuasive speaker proposals, tailored to the needs of each audience. He has the know-how to separate "hype" proposals from substantive abstracts.
  • MSM uses proven methods to conduct extensive research into potential speaking engagements in the targeted geographic region, based on matching the speakersí backgrounds and presentation topics, with the audience profile and industries they represent.
  • You or your executives will get placed in outstanding speaking engagements at events produced not only by trade and industry associations (including local/regional chapters of national groups) and business groups, but by independent conference organizations that hold events that speak to your target audiences: locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Your firm will be placed in speaking engagements targeted to both broad-based audiences as well as the vertical industries that you want to reach ... from e-commerce to financial services to retail to health care to manufacturing. Regardless of the industry, if thereís a speaking opportunity to be obtained, MSM will find it.
  • MSM will do frequent follow-up with conference managers to encourage placement of you or your firm's managers in key speaking slots following submission of speaker proposals.
  • MSM conducts an on-going campaign of relationship-building with key conference and program managers to bring increased awareness and "share-of-mind" for you and your firm by apprising them of press citations and product/service developments as they occur.

Speaker Program Audit and Consulting ... if you donít need a complete speaker program:

Some firms arenít looking for the implementation of a full-service speaker program because they currently use in-house resources. If that describes your situation, MSM can perform an audit of your speaker program and teach you the techniques that will give you the inside track on how to obtain specific speaking engagements. Youíll also get a review of your speaker proposal process, target lists of prospective speaking opportunities, and writing and editing of presentation abstracts.


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